A Missouri linen service for your business needs can be tough to find.  Not every linen service company offers exactly what you need for when you need it, but Tipton Linen has custom packages for all of your business needs and will create a solution for your needs that will help your business thrive, whether you have a Fine Dining establishment, a Senior Living Facility, or a Manufacturing Plant.  Our Missouri Linen Service has all of the aprons, mops, mats, towels, and other linens that you could possibly need to run your business at a profit while keeping a clean look and feel. When we build a Missouri linen service program for a business, we take into account their needs.  We make sure to note their strengths and weaknesses and when they need linens the most, to make sure that they get what they need on time. Since different businesses need different linen services, we need to make sure that each company has their own individually built program.  One-size-fits-all just doesn’t cut it in our industry anymore.  So that is what we deliver.  A personalized program for each company. Whether you need table linens, mops, aprons, towels, bar towels, bed linens, paper products, air fresheners, mats, dust mops, shop towels, microfiber wet mops, gowns, napkins, chef coats or jackets, Tipton Linen will provide them clean and fresh for your business on a regular schedule to keep you going. You will notice the convenience and professionalism of Tipton Linen when we save you time and money on your cleaning and linen budget.  You will notice the time and money you save every month, and the customers that come back to you for your clean and crisp linens and textiles that set you apart from your competition. The Tipton Linens Difference is in our work ethic and our commitment to our customers.  Dare to compare us to your current linen company by calling us today at 1-800-533-5670 or visiting www.tiptonlinen.com to learn more or request a quote.