Goblet Fan Fold

The Goblet Fan Napkin Fold

The Goblet Fan Fold

The goblet fan is one of the easiest goblet folds to accomplish. There is no ironing needed and almost any napkin will do.

Napkin Fold #1
1. Lay the napkin face-down in front of you.
Napkin Fold #2
2. Fold the napkin in half and orient the open end towards you.
Napkin Fold #3
3. Fold the napkin into quarters.
Napkin Fold #4
4. Fold the napkin in half to crease it and then open it back up. Accordion fold the napkin, ensuring that the center crease lands on an accordion fold. This will keep the ends even.
Napkin Fold #5
5. Finish accordion-folding the napkin and it should look similar the the picture shown here.
Napkin Fold #6
6. Firmly grasp one end of the fan and fold it over about an inch, allowing the other end to open up.
The Finished Goblet Fan Fold
7. Place the folded end into your glass and spread out the fan.