Floor mats make your business's first impression.  They are the introduction to your front door, and a clean crisp mat can make all of the difference.  That's why mat rental in St. Louis is a great idea.  Do you want clean mats?  You get them delivered from a company like Tipton Linen that cleans them professionally. Mat rental programs are available for all kinds of businesses, from gas stations to fine dining restaurants, and from factories to office buildings.  You can get a custom mat with your business' logo on it.  You can get plain, non-slip mats that get the job done and make your business look clean and professional.  No matter what you need in your establishment, Tipton Linen has the mat rental system for you in St. Louis. Mats help with safety as well.  You can keep water and dirt off the floors of your establishment with a clean, fresh mat at your front door and through the aisles and hallways of your building that soak up that moisture and dirt.  Then, Tipton Linen returns, takes your mat and cleans and replaces it.  You never have to worry about mat rental in St. Louis, because your mat is taken and replaced on your schedule. Tipton Linen also believes in custom solutions for your mat rental in St. Louis where you decide on the number of mats, the number of visits, and how often we see you to change out your mats.  Don't get stuck into a one-size-fits-all contract with another linen company. Dare to compare your linen costs and mat rental in St. Louis with Tipton Linen.  Give us a chance to show you how our years of experience in cleaning and delivering mats to businesses across Missouri can help your company.  Call us at 1-800-533-5670 or visit www.tiptonlinen.com to learn more about Mat Rental in St. Louis.