Bar and restaurant owners and anyone who serves food in any capacity from delis to 5-star eateries know that you need to have clean, fresh, new bar towels in order to keep your place clean.  Showing a clean, professional face to your customers and maintaining a germ-free kitchen are absolutely the most important things that you can do to promote and maintain your business, and nobody does St. Louis Bar Towels like Tipton Linen, St. Louis' top Linen Service Company. Your St. Louis Bar Towels will be delivered on-time on the agreed-upon time and day and in the amounts you need.  They will be cleaned professionally and thoroughly and to OSHA standards to ensure that your establishment always meets the stringent qualifications of the health departments you need to pass inspections for.  They also will help you bring a clean and professional look to your tables, bar tops, seats, countertops, ovens, refrigerators, and every surface that needs to be clean and germ-free. Tipton Linen has built a reputation over the last 100 plus years of quality service and affordable prices, and we will create a custom plan for your organization's St. Louis Bar Towels needs that work for you and us.  As a family-owned company, we are free to make deals with you that make sense for both parties, and not force you into a "one size fits all" system like our competitors do. Dare to compare Tipton Linen with your current St. Louis Linen Service and let us prove that we can save you money and time and help your restaurant, bar, diner, cafeteria, deli, coffee house, or any business that serves food and drinks thrive.  Call us today at 1-800-533-5670 or visit today for more information.  Don't keep using dirty St. Louis Bar Towels - let us clean them for you and take your laundry off of your mind!