Tipton Medical Linens Services are more than just deliveries of towels and gowns.  It’s a full-service linen delivery system, with clean and sanitized sheets, pillow cases, patient gowns, micro-fiber mops, cleaning cloths, and dusters to provide the patients of your hospital, surgery center or nursing home with the highest-quality, cleanest linens available on a schedule that works for you. Whether it is for a large hospital or a small assisted-care facility, we have a solution that we can tailor for you. Our sheets and linens meet all OSHA and JACHO standards. We are committed to getting you the cleanest products, and our sanitation process is second-to-none, letting us launder and deliver any laundry product on-time and sanitized. With healthcare costs rising, patient care facilities have found that having a medical linens laundry delivery service like Tipton Linen will decrease the cost of their medical linens and textiles by utilizing higher-capacity, more efficient machines to clean and sanitize their linens as opposed to doing it themselves. Our Microfiber Wet Mops, Wet Mops, Bed Linens, Dust Mops, Mats, Gowns, Paper and Air products are all made of the highest quality, best designed fabrics available. The Tipton Linens Difference is in our work ethic and our commitment to our customers.  Dare to compare us to your current linen company by calling us today at 1-800-533-5670 or visiting www.tiptonlinen.com to learn more or request a quote.