Towel Rental in St. Louis should be mandatory for restaurants, whether you run a diner or a 5-Star eatery.  Any place that serves food needs clean surfaces and towel rental is the best way to get this done.  When you are cleaning your own bar towels and rags, you are doing a huge disservice to your establishment.  You are taking your customers' health and gambling with it.  Unless you are using industrial cleaners and machines to keep your bar towels clean, you are wiping the counters with dirty rags. Towel Rental in St. Louis accomplishes this goal easily.  Your towels are sent out for cleaning and returned to you having passed OSHAA regulations to ensure that you are cleaning your tables, bars, and counters with sanitized and clean towels.  You won’t find cleaner linens and supplies and better customer service than you will at Tipton Linens.  Our linens are all cleaned at our facility to the highest possible level and make your business sanitary and compliant with your health inspectors. Restaurants are notoriously difficult to keep clean and presentable.  You see an army of customers through your door, you have employees coming in and out, and you deal with changing situations at all times.  Letting an experienced linen company like Tipton Linens gives you an edge on the competition by bringing you clean linens on a regular schedule.  Unlike other linen companies, Tipton doesn’t force every restaurant, bar, diner, greasy spoon, cafeteria, nursing home, hospital, or any other type of eaterie into the same plan, either.  We believe in custom solutions for businesses that have ever-changing demands. The Tipton Linens Difference is in our work ethic and our commitment to our customers.  Dare to compare us to your current linen company by calling us today at 1-800-533-5670 or visiting to learn more or request a quote.