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You can do better with your restaurant aprons! Get better, more satisfying aprons that can stand against your toughest, longest shifts only from Tipton Linen!  

Top-notch Aprons From Tipton

Tipton offers an irresistible apron rental deal – with high-quality product selection and seamless rental service! We have linens for every size and kind of restaurant:

  • Built to Last. Tipton aprons are not only made of high-quality, hardy material with strong seams and stitching to maintain integrity through intense laundering.
  • Available Design. Tipton offers bib aprons – an all-purpose, versatile design that can work seamlessly in the front or back of the house.
  • Available Colors. Choose between our Tipton apron selection of classic black and versatile red!

Ready for the Rigors of the Restaurant Kitchen

From impossible food and grease stains to nasty restaurant kitchen smells, Tipton knows the many challenges that come with restaurant-use linens and garments. That is why we have designed our apron rental service to address all these challenges and more!

The intensive and repeated washing involved in restaurant linen maintenance won’t damage Tipton’s aprons. Made from tough, breathable fabrics, and constructed for extra strength, you can rely on Tipton aprons to look good shift after shift!

Tipton: Clean. Ready. Always.

The people at Tipton are experts in making things easy for our restaurant clients. We make sure to get all your bases covered and all your needs addressed. From ensuring a supply of clean and safe linens and garments to making sure that deliveries are smooth and efficient. Tipton takes care where it matters most. With a partner like us, you’ll be able to focus on the bigger, more important things that matter to your business.

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