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Tipton Linen Services Blog

Your Restaurant Linen Service Provider in St. Louis

Restaurants are unlike any other kind of business.  They combine all of the problems of a hospital with all of the needs of a store.  You have to make sure that you have customers coming in the door, plus you need to keep everything clean to the point of sterility to keep them happy and healthy.  That's why your restaurant linen service provider in St. Louis is so important. A linen company...

St. Louis Restaurant Linen Services

When you run any kind of establishment that serves food, from a greasy spoon diner to a fine dining establishment, you need to have clean linens and an environment that will show your customers that you are a professional establishment that will serve them clean food.  That’s where Tipton Linen St. Louis restaurant linen services come into the picture.

Towel Service in St. Louis Keeps Your Place Clean

When you run a bar or restaurant, you know that cleanliness is the name of the game.  Keeping your bar, floors, tables, and equipment clean Is the difference between being a hole in the wall bar and a 5-star restaurant.  You have to make sure that your guests walk into a clean, good-smelling restaurant to inspire the confidence in your food or drink.  You get the benefit of the doubt right off ...