For over 100 years Tipton Linen has been the Missouri leader for Linen Service.  With a focus on customer service and cleanliness, the Tipton Linen team has pushed to create custom, specific packages for area businesses to excel in their areas of expertise. Tipton Linen has led companies in Linen Service From St. Louis to Cape Girardeau and has helped businesses thrive. Commercial laundry is a process that gives companies a way to have their linens washed properly and according to specifications.  Companies that clean their own linens risk illness or infection from having them improperly cleaned.  They also are in danger of having improperly cleaned linens fade or tear.  A linen service like Tipton Linen brings you rented linens every week and removes them after their use. When you see a business with a fresh, clean mat, or crisp, bright tablecloths, or mops that clean the floors completely, you know that they utilize a linen company such as Tipton Linen for their products.  This sign of quality marks the business as serious and professional about their customers.  Having your linens cleaned professionally puts your business a step above your competition. Don't get left behind by restaurants, doctor's offices, nursing homes, warehouses, production facilities, bars, diners, or any other business that needs clean linens and textiles when they utilize a company like Tipton Linen to clean their products and make sure that they are always presenting their best face to their customers. Call us at 1-800-533-5670 or visit today to build your own custom linen program and give your company the cleanest linens in the industry.  The best linen service from St. Louis to Cape Girardeau comes from Tipton Linen.