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There are many things that make up excellent and satisfactory patient care. High-quality medical gowns are an integral part of that equation. For patient materials that satisfy and comfort, contact Tipton Linen! Tipton Linen is the family-owned and -operated medical linen service specialist that will treat you like family. Contact us today for availability and inquiries on pricing!

Medical Gowns from Tipton Linen

Tipton Linen has the expert experience and means to secure cleanliness, safety, and stability of your patient gown supplies. We offer a selection that is:
  • Durable. Tipton patient gowns are designed to be low maintenance. Our gown’s durable material and excellent construction make them easy to clean and durable. They’re easily able to withstand  thorough and repeated washing required of medical garments.
  • Comfortable. Tipton knows that the quality of patient gowns forms an essential part of providing outstanding patient care. Our comfortable, wearer-friendly patient gowns help you achieve that.
  • Varied. Tipton offers a wide range of patient gown options for different patient specifications and treatment departments in your facility.
Our medical gowns supply and maintenance services are ideal for use in every medical setting. From hospitals and treatment centers to surgical centers, diagnostic centers and others! .

About Tipton

Tipton understands the value of a helping hand. Whether it’s in delivering the best quality patient gowns to your facility, or simply making sure that your items are always clean and ready. We’re ready to deploy for patient care, making sure to give you that much-needed helping hand. Every aspect of our service is designed for satisfaction: from excellent quality products to accessible and attentive customer service. Tipton’s attention to detail will cover your bases and surpass your expectations. 

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Get nothing less than the best medical gowns available today. Contact Tipton Linen at (800) 533-5670 or fill out this form