You can never be too complacent when it comes to food, especially with your kitchen towels. Make sure you get the right service partner for your kitchen towel needs – the kind that brings you as much quality as convenience and overall reliability in cleanliness. Get your towels from Tipton Linen!

Tipton’s expertise and experience in restaurant linen services ensures a reliable and steady supply of clean towels ready for use everywhere in your restaurant.

The Better Quality Towels

Tipton Linens offers restaurants of all types and sizes access to better quality kitchen towels:

  • All-around use. Our towels are ideal to use in every part of your restaurant – from cleaning tabletops to assisting cooks and chefs with their dishes.
  • Excellent Launderability. Ideal for everyday use and through long service hours, our towels are designed for easy washing and drying.
  • Optimum Durability. The right material combination and integrity of their construction helps our towels defy premature wear and tear even through repeated use and washings.
  •  High Absorbency. Our towels feature excellent absorption quality, making them ideal for all of your restaurant’s cleaning needs.

Cleanliness Without a Doubt

When it comes to commercial linen and laundry services, you can trust Tipton for a lot of things, especially cleanliness. We live by a professional standard on cleanliness that guides our every move – from handling your dirty linens at pickup to processing your linens until delivery.

We make sure to leave no room for error because we know that more than our reputation, your business and your diners’ welfare are what’s at stake.

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