Wet Mops

Without wet mops, the business world would be a much dirtier place. While all wet mops have the same purpose, they don’t all perform the same. Cleaning agents and employee enthusiasm play a factor, but the primary element in performance is mop construction and quality. 

Why Quality Mops Matter

With wet mops, it’s all about longevity. The longer your mop head can do a good job, the better a mop head it is. Wet mop heads, especially those that aren’t cared for, degrade fast. They get smaller, hold less cleaning agents, and pick up less dirt. There are a few reasons this happens, but the primary one is microbe colonization. 

If you notice the room smelling badly after being mopped, it’s likely due to the mop head. Cheaper material breaks down easily and is nested by bacteria. As a result, you spend more time and money replacing them. 

How to Ensure Quality Wet Mops Every Time

When you order mops online, you don’t know if the quality will be up to your standards. This is even true when using the same provider. If their suppliers change, they might take the opportunity to purchase less expensive products and pass them off. 

The truth is that there’s no accountability from the supply side of this exchange. When you pay outright to own your mop heads, your supplier is under little obligation to ensure quality. Call to complain, and all you might get is a “sorry, we changed suppliers.” You can threaten to take your business elsewhere but, for now, you’re stuck with a bad supply. 

Tipton Linen is Your Reliable, Consistent Wet Mop Head Provider

Quality, industry expertise, and accountable reliability is what you get with Tipton’s mop service. When you order from Tipton, you’re ordering from people directly concerned with your satisfaction. With us, you’re not just a number on a report. 

We consider ourselves your business partner, and we’ll do everything possible to keep our relationship strong. That means honest pricing, reliable quality, and timely delivery. To join our satisfied customers, give us a call at 1(800) 533-5670, visit our website, or contact us for a free quote