mat service restaurant   Mats are beneficial to restaurants for many reasons. They keep your floor clean, protect employees and customers, and they look good while doing it. The only problem is when they get too used and old. One day they’re just not stopping dirt, they lose traction and start to buckle, curl, and smell. That’s why just putting mats down isn’t enough. A mat service from a professional and reputable company like Tipton Linen will put those mat problems to rest.  Here’s why you should go with a mat service: 

Mat Services Save Money

Regardless of the item, it’s commonly thought that renting is the more expensive option long-term. Depending on what’s being discussed, that might be true. If you’re going to weddings every weekend, it doesn’t make sense to rent a tux every time. When you’re talking about mats for your restaurant, though, there’s more to it than cufflinks and bow ties.  Having a mat service will save you: 

1. Time

Using a mat service saves time. When the welcome mat starts to go, you’ve got to find the replacement. If you don’t have the provider already selected, or you’re looking for the best deal, that takes time. With how time-demanding running a restaurant is, those are precious minutes or even hours that could be spent far more productively. 

2. Energy 

Managing all of the mats in your restaurant is a monumental task. Once a month at least, they need to be cleaned. Unless you have the machinery, chemicals, and know-how, odds are that they won’t be cleaned as thoroughly as they should. With a mat service, all you see is fresh mats all the time. 

3. Resources

When you purchase mats for commercial use, you have to dish out a lot of cash to purchase and manage them. Initial purchase, which, for a quality mat of reasonable size, could be near $100. Cleaning, by either you or an employee, costs either your time or your employees’, whom you’re paying for that time. Materials and set up for thorough cleaning - even if everything is bought and set up.

4. Business

Dirty floors drive away business, and dirty mats are no exception. The state of a business’s floors is a good indicator of the business’s overall cleanliness. At least, that’s the case in your customers’ minds. If a floor is dirty, customers go on alert. If they can’t relax, they can’t enjoy themselves. And if they can’t enjoy themselves, they won’t come back. 

A Mat Service Improves Business Safety 

Even if quality mats are used in a business, they won’t be quality very long without cleaning and maintenance. When mats start to go, they fill with dust and dirt, their backing starts to degrade, and they start to crack and curl at the edges. The combination of these eventualities can make any mat more hazardous than helpful. Getting your mats through a qualified and professional mat provider like Tipton Linen makes that impossible. 

Reliable Traction and Wetness Prevention

Mats supplied by Tipton Linen will always be up for the job. Because we regularly care for our mats and utilize the best methods of cleaning, your mats will always be ready. Be it dust management, or collecting and holding water from the outdoors, nothing will keep our mats from their duties. With expert evaluations, we’ll spot a mat on its way out and replace it before problems can take root.  With that kind of reliability, you can rest easy knowing your employees and customers are safe to walk around your business. 

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