linen service restaurant   What types of linen services do restaurants need, and what's the best way to fulfill them? A simple list and trip to the supply store can do the job, though it's not ideal for a couple of reasons. Linen services can provide not only the linen you need, but will bring them to you clean and ready. Here's what linen services restaurants can benefit from, and why Tipton Linen is an ideal provider of them.

Type Of Linen Restaurants Commonly Use

Every restaurant has unique needs and aesthetic goals. Linen can be a powerful tool to fulfill those needs and achieve those goals. Here are the types of linen restaurants commonly use to keep clean, stylistic, and comfortable.

Table Linens

Towel Service St. Louis Table linens add a touch of class and sophistication to your restaurant. They also give you a look that's clean and organized and tell diners that you are a nice place to eat at. They also give you protection for your tables, hide imperfections on the tables, and keep spilled food off of the table, making the meal easier on both the diner and server. Keeping your tables from staining is worth the price of a tablecloth! Using cloth napkins instead of paper cuts down on your waste and adds to the enjoyment of your customers, with sturdier napkins less likely to fall off of laps, able to soak up more liquids, and generally looking more professional. Tablecloths and Napkins are must-use items for a great restaurant.


Apron Restaurant Linen ServiceThe first impression that a patron has of you is the employees. If they are wearing dirty aprons, your restaurant looks dirty and unprepared for them. Your restaurant needs to have a professional look, and letting a linen service clean your aprons instead of having the employees clean them at home really helps keep them from fading and tearing, or the excuses that your employees have to not get them washed. Aprons make your employees look like professionals, and give off a great impression to your guests.


Make sure you're keeping the place clean and tidy! Towels that are cleaned to OSHA specifications help keep a safe, clean restaurant with gleaming surfaces for your tables, bar tops, and seats. It's both economical and efficient to get these towels cleaned professionally and not have to bear the expense of constant replacement. Don't just look clean. Smell clean and be clean!


St. Louis Mop Rental Service Wet mops and Dust mops are the keys to cleaning floors. Using the same mops over and over just builds up dirt and grime and pushes it around your restaurant. Using fresh mops each time helps keep dirt, dust, and mildew from building up in your restaurant or bar. Give customers the cleanest dining experience they've ever had with fresh mops. Dare to Compare the best Restaurant Linen Service! We have a full range of restaurant linens that suit the needs of different restaurants in a variety of formats. We also have an excellent reputation for restaurant linen maintenance services. Get the restaurant linen service experience that will work for and with your business at Tipton Linen.

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