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Tipton Linen Services Blog

St. Louis Lay Flat Mats

St Louis Lay Flat Mats For Business
When you walk into a business, do you look at the mats with their logo on them and think "Wow, that sure looks professional?"  Your business can have that same look with St. Louis Lay Flat Mats for Business from Tipton Linen.  You can showcase your logo and give a professional look while making your business safer at the same time....

St. Louis Mops and Towels

St. Louis Mops and Towels
St. Louis companies need mops and towels that will clean their business and keep them germ-free.  If you are a restaurant or bar, or a gas station or convenience store, or any place with a front-facing store that has customers coming in and out, you need to have it clean.  St. Louis Mops and Towels are necessary to keep your shop sparkling clean, and Tipton Line...

St. Louis Industrial Mats – Keep People Safe

St. Louis Industrial Mats showcase your business as a professional organization that is committed to their brand.   They enhance the customer perception of your business by showing your logo to every customer that walks through your doors.  St. Louis Industrial Mats also reduce slip and falls and accidents and make your business, factory, or industrial center safer and more productive. We ca...