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When a Linen Company Makes Sense

When a Linen Company Makes Sense
Restaurants, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, cafeterias, gas stations, hotels, factories and facilities, and nearly every business needs some sort of linen service.  Seriously.  Whether you are a heavy textile-using industry like a restaurant that needs napkins, tablecloths, mops and towels, or a plant that needs constant new mats for the employees’ safety, there is a reason for everyone to...

Why You Need a Restaurant Linen Service

When running a restaurant, you may feel like there are a million things coming at you at once.  You need to be able to keep up with your food deliveries, keep the equipment in clean and working order, massage schedules and payroll, and keep customers through the door.  Where does that leave time to wash all of the aprons, towels, and linens that your restaurant goes through?  That’s why you n...

Who Benefits From Linen Services

There are many different industries that can benefit from using a linen service to handle their textile needs.  Restaurants and Medical Facilities are just two.  Let’s talk about who benefits from linen services in these industries and how Tipton Linen can help their businesses thrive. Restaurants Restaurants can benefit from linen services by keeping the cleanliness level and appearance...