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Tipton Linen Services Blog

Linen Service From St. Louis to Cape Girardeau

For over 100 years Tipton Linen has been the Missouri leader for Linen Service.  With a focus on customer service and cleanliness, the Tipton Linen team has pushed to create custom, specific packages for area businesses to excel in their areas of expertise. Tipton Linen has led companies in Linen Service From St. Louis to Cape Girardeau and has helped businesses thrive. Commercial laundry i...

Nursing Home Linens Need Professional Cleaning

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospice care need a lot of cleaning.  They have very specialized needs because of the age and fragility of the patients, and require the linens to be especially germ free to keep the guests healthy.  That's why using a linen company like Tipton Linen for nursing home l...