online reviewsA business’s worth in this day and age rests on two words: online reviews. There is no restaurant too obscure to not be found online. Add social media websites into the mix and you have no escape from being put out onto the web. Five, maybe seven years ago, it was enough to have an online presence. And by presence, it simply meant being listed on a website like Yelp, appearing on the search engine results, or having a Facebook page. That no longer makes the cut. Today’s digital-centric marketplace has become uber-competitive and presence means being present to engage with your guests.

Investing in Your Online Presence 

Investing in your online presence should be a top priority. Here are some ways you can do it:
  • Be part of the community. Being local is king in today’s restaurant industry, and putting your locale front and center in your online presence will do more than just reel in the customers. It will also create more relatable content for your target audience. Thus, you'll make them want to engage with your online presence.
  • Encourage reviews. Let your customers know that you value their opinion by simply asking for it. Direct your diners in that direction not only through your social media posts, but also in your actual physical interactions with them. Don’t be too shy about it. Let your customers know that their opinions and satisfaction matters.  
  • Respond to all reviews. It’s important to interact with all reviews. Even bad and unflattering reviews warrant your attention and response. Your response not only encourages engagement, but it also leaves a more active footprint for your business’s online presence, which ultimately makes your business easier to find online. When responding to bad reviews, try to keep a polite tone, acknowledge the customer, and end on a positive note.

Focus on Your Services

While we could go on and on about how to create an encouraging online platform for your business, nothing – and absolutely nothing – brings in positive reviews more than a positive dining experience.
  • Make the food memorable. Diners come to your restaurant for food and it’s the most important component of their visit. It goes without saying that your food should look and taste appealing enough to warrant more than three stars on an online review.  
  • Provide top-notch customer service. Aside from the food, what diners remember the most is how they are treated. Make sure to constantly educate your staff on the value of customer service. Invest in solutions that make your restaurant accessible to your diners on all fronts – be it an online reservation system, food delivery app, etc. The intention is to make your brand convenient for all.  
  • Reduce noise levels. If your diners cannot keep a conversation without straining their ears or moving closer to the next person, then the noise levels are certainly problematic. Aside from keeping an eye – or an ear, if you may – on the music volume, there are other simple things that you can do to minimize noise levels in your restaurant. One of the most effective and simplest of which is to use table linens and floor mats in your restaurant. These items absorb noise where it would otherwise bounce off the walls and the floorboards.  
  • Keep your space immaculate. The smallest stains can be taken for signs of neglect or worse, poor hygiene – and is a guaranteed way towards a poor review. So, make sure everything is spotless, especially your table linens! These are the stains that are easiest to see so you might want to put in extra effort with the help of a third-party linen and laundry service expert like Tipton Linen

Tipton Linen is Here to Help Your Restaurant

We have a range of restaurant linen products to choose from and a reliable laundry service program that will suit your needs and meet your standards on cleanliness. With Tipton’s help, you can focus on everything else that will help you earn that five-star review! For more information on our products and services, contact us today at 1(800) 533-5670. We look forward to working with you!