retirement home linen Retirement home guests have experienced a great deal in their lives. Ensure that experience is a good one in their twilight years with comfortable linen from a reliable provider. If your retirement home operates in Missouri, Illinois, or Kentucky, you won’t lack options. However, your guests deserve the best source for retirement home linen in the area.

Tipton Linen Provides Retirement Home Linen Resources and Solutions to Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky!

Since 1948, Tipton Linen has provided retirement homes in Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky with high-quality linen products. Here are just a few of the products and services we provide:

Durable, Stylish Table Linen

Tipton’s tablecloths will add decor to any dining area. They are excellent tools for sprucing up the table and easily containing messes when preparing for the next guest. We also provide napkins that complement our tablecloths and are soft and comfortable to use. We offer a variety of size and color options for both products.

Comfortable Bed Linen

Bedsheets and pillowcases are two of the most important retirement home linen. Retirement home guests spend a lot of time in their beds and deserve peaceful, restful sleep. That’s why Tipton Linen provides bedsheets and pillowcases that keep their users warm and comfortable.

Reliable Floor Care Products

Tipton Linen also offers reliable tools for maintaining cleanliness in the facility. Our floor mats have thick, durable bristles that remove debris from shoe soles and keep the floors clean. They are an excellent tool for preventing slip and fall accidents and maintaining the floors’ lifespan. We also provide dust mops to take care of cleaning around our mats. They remain effective for long periods and will prevent dust buildup from setting off allergies and causing coughing fits.

Absorbent Towels

Tipton Linen’s towels are a safe bet when it comes to retirement home cleaning efforts. They are absorbent and durable enough to withstand any mess and ready for consistent use. Like with all our products, we clean and maintain them ourselves. This way, our clients have the linen they need in stock at all times.

Why Tipton Linen?

Tipton Linen has over 70 years of experience serving high-quality linen to retirement homes. We are a family-owned business that is locally based out of Cape Girardeau, MO. Working with us is an investment in your local community since our talent is locally sourced and we live in the communities we serve. On top of our high-quality products and services, our commitment to our clients means always-on-time deliveries, no missing or damaged items, and 24/7 customer support!

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