st. louis restaurant trends


We’re halfway through 2019 and we are still witnessing a lot of new restaurant trends! The St. Louis restaurant scene is more vibrant than ever.

What are these trends we speak of, you may ask? Take a look!


1. Classic comebacks. 


Nostalgia is a powerful marketing tool and it’s having a resurgence. St. Louis’ restaurant scene is seeing many of its favorites from yesteryear come back with classic flair, made 2019-ready. Balaban’s, for instance, the beloved café from Central West End that first opened in 1972, is making a grand return under new management. 

Something similar has happened to a favorite tavern of St. Louis in the 90’s and the 00s: King Louie, which is making a grand reincarnation as a new restaurant simply named Louie, with an expanded menu fit for the full-blown restaurant that it is now. 


2. Gourmet with a side of customer suggestion. 


The adage “customer is king” has never been truer than in today’s St. Louis restaurant scene. More and more restaurant concepts are focused on giving their diners what they truly want. Custom dining is pretty much an experience in itself, and the new hip go-to’s in St. Louis today are making sure it is an unforgettable, enjoyable one for diners.

For instance, there is a new artisanal popcorn concept store that relies on a revolving set of flavors based on customer suggestions. There’s also the unmistakable success of the custom dining concept food truck UKRAFT, whose idea of customized dish combinations from their menu is so well-loved that they’ve decided to  upgrade to a brick-and-mortar location. 

With mobile technology and conscious dining becoming global trends, sweeping restaurants everywhere, it won’t be long before St. Louis finds more of its restaurants combining mobile, app-based technology with customer-centered, customizable dining experience.


3. Expanding pop-ups. 


The pop-up restaurant trend has started taking over St. Louis. But pop-up restaurants eventually become full-service restaurants, and aspiring new pop-ups can take inspiration from the success of Savage and America’s no. 2 restaurant for 2018, Vicia. Which of the many new concepts popping about St. Louis’ dining scene are we going to see transition to the mainstream this year or next?

Which of these new trends are you most looking forward to trying? And what other trends are you expecting to see from the St. Louis food scene? 

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