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Towels & Aprons

Say goodbye to the inconvenience and inefficiency of managing your restaurant’s towels and aprons with the help of Tipton Linen!

Tipton’s unbeatable combination of outstanding linen care and management and topnotch product selection guarantees you the easiest, most hassle-free towel and apron services for your restaurant.

Towels and Aprons from Tipton

Tipton Linen champions well-rounded linen services. That is why we can assure you that our towel and apron services meet your standards for appearance, fabric quality, craftsmanship, and all-around efficiency.



Ideal for the Commercial Kitchen

No matter the size and type of restaurant business you’re running, Tipton knows and understands the quality of linen services that you need. Our towels and aprons are ideal for use in any type of restaurant, including:

Tipton Linen: Clean, Ready, Guaranteed!