better linens 2022 It's one thing to know that your facility needs good linens. It’s another thing to actually get them. One reason businesses end up with bad linens is that they don't utilize the best methods of attaining them. When they do notice it, it's often too late - and too costly for them. That is why the first step in how to get better linens for your business in 2022 is to spot the signs that you need them.

Signs You Need Better Linens for Your Business

Here are three tell-tale signs that your business is in need of a linen supply overhaul for 2022 and beyond:

You Run Into Embarrassing Situations with Your Clients Over Linen Quality

The end users' experience with your linens ultimately reflects the quality of service that you provide. And one customer complaint is one too many for any facility. If your customers/patients are unhappy with your linens, you're going to need to get better ones.

You Need to Replace Your Linens Frequently

Far too many linens go to waste and don't meet the end of their life cycle, especially in healthcare. This can cause more than just interruptions to your operations. It can also lead to unnecessary, not to mention hefty, replacement costs. If you need to replace damaged linens too often for your liking, it's time to make the switch.

You Are Losing Confidence in the Integrity of Your Linen Supply  

There are many factors that separate high-quality linens from low-quality ones. There's presentability, durability, as well as user comfort and satisfaction. If you are uncertain about any of these areas, then you need to rethink your supplies.

Where and How to Get Better Linens for Your Business in 2022

If you find your facility in any of these situations, it's high time you switch to better linens. And there's no better time than now. When it comes to how to get better linens, all roads lead to the most dependable Missouri linen service provider: Tipton Linen! We offer:
  • Superior Quality Linens. Tipton's expertise in the commercial and healthcare linen industry is backed by a thorough quality control system. We make sure that all your items meet the highest industry standards for quality, appearance, and user comfort.
  • Exceptional Laundry and Handling Service. Tipton uses proven laundry processes, backed by advanced industrial laundry equipment when handling your items. Our system comes with tight safeguards to ensure the safety and hygiene of your essential linens.
  • Efficient Inventory Management Solutions. Our superior linen service operates on a carefully-calculated system and is carried out by our trained experts. This ensures that your linen service experience is as seamless and prompt as it is top-notch in results.
  • Flexible Rental Programs that Move to Meet Your Needs. Your needs are unique to your facility. And Tipton knows that more than anyone else. That is why we make sure to work around your needs, ensuring that the results you get meet your exact requirements.

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