cost of linens As every business with a linen inventory knows, linens are not the cheapest supplies to keep. The cost of acquiring linen for business operations is only the beginning of it! 

Here’s Why the Cost of Keeping Linens Clean Is So High

Here are all the small elements that contribute to the overall cost of keeping linens clean:

Utilities and Equipment

The biggest chunk of linen cleaning expenses always falls on procuring, maintaining, and operating the laundry equipment. Equipment, for example, cannot be the same domestic washers and dryers we use at home. They simply do not have the capacity to meet the volume and cleanliness demands of commercial linens. Laundry equipment requires regular maintenance as well which, of course, isn’t cheap.  Then there's the matter of operating them. With the continuously rising costs of utilities in the US, the numbers can only go higher. Any increase in linen demand or electricity cost is bound to impact the overall laundry cost. And if your equipment breaks down, you're not only in for some added expenses but also interruptions to your supply.

Labor Costs

The cost of running your laundry operations also includes the cost of labor. You will need several employees and a manager who will oversee your laundry department. Additional employees are always an added liability from a financial perspective. That doesn’t even include the added managerial burden that comes with every additional employee on your team.

Facility Expenses

Keeping linens clean also requires more space to house your laundry equipment and operations. That space will eventually add to your bills, whether or not you already have a spare room in your facility.

How Rental Lowers the Cost of Keeping Linens Clean

The biggest problem with keeping linen costs down is that it's risky. For one, it's tricky enough to meet quality needs with a full budget. Having to cut back on costs will make it even more difficult for the linens to meet the right quality. That's where rental proves to be the most effective solution in keeping your costs down. With linen rental service, you can expect:
  • Zero overhead or equipment requirements. When you rent your linens, you don't have to worry about buying, maintaining, or operating laundry equipment. And that's a massive load off of your budget. You don't even need to worry about electricity costs or added space requirements either.
  • Zero employees are needed. Renting also relieves you of the cost or managerial burden of having additional employees. You don't even have to worry about the labor shortages affecting the availability or quality of your linens.
  • Zero upfront costs. No matter how big or small your supply needs are, your linens will always be expensive to acquire. That is why rental is always the more cost-efficient solution. Renting your linens means never having to pay for the full cost of linens. And that in itself already cuts back on your linen spending.
Of course, there is still the issue of ensuring the quality of your linens. That's why you need a superior Missouri linen service provider. You'll need one that can ensure not just top-notch linens, but also the best care for your linens! You'll need one like Tipton Linen! Tipton Linen's more than 80 years in the industry is your best assurance for effective and cost-efficient commercial linen service! And there's no better time than now to sign up.

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