There is no doubt that quality restaurant linens are essential to your business. The problem with quality restaurant linens is that they can be expensive. And the numbers are never static, with price tags on many commodities rising at rapid rates. However, why are restaurant linens so expensive? There is one factor that determines their hefty price tag more than anything else.

What Makes High-Quality Restaurant Linens So Expensive?

It all boils down to quality. There are two major factors that determine the quality of your restaurant linens:


The material of your restaurant table linens is perhaps the biggest contributing factor to their cost. It determines the linens’ overall durability, as well as its launderability. The same is true with other restaurant linens, including kitchen towels.


How well your linens are made is also a reason why restaurant linens are so expensive. The edging, the type of threads, the designs, every detail no matter how small contributes to the price tag.


As with anything, the appearance of linens is a big part of the reason why they are expensive. People judge by looks, and that is as true with linens as they are elsewhere. For one, appearance is an indicator of quality. Aside from that, it conveys good taste.   The thing is, getting high-quality restaurant linens is non-negotiable. Good news for you, there is a way to get high-quality, expensive restaurant linens without breaking the bank. And the answer is restaurant linen service.

Tipton Linen: The More Cost-Efficient Way to Get Restaurant Linens

It’s time to stop asking “why are restaurant linens so expensive” and to start asking “why haven’t I used Tipton Linen before?” Here’s how the best linen service provider in Missouri can help you:
  • Quality Linens for a Fraction of the Cost. Linen rental service gives you access to your linen inventory without requiring high upfront costs. And that opens up the selection range for you. Rental does not limit your options to lower-quality ones that keep your budget low. You can have your ideal linens without spending as much as you would with bulk purchases.
  • Linen Care Support. High-quality linens need high-quality laundry service. And that’s one more thing that your linen rental service provider can help with as well. Linen rental comes with the promise of professional maintenance. Not only does this ease the burden and cost of your linen care; it also guarantees better results for your linens.
  • Convenient Linen Supply Management. Your day-to-day linen needs can be so demanding and easily overtake your priorities. With linen rental service, it does not have to. It guarantees that someone is always watching out for your needs. Even on more hectic days, your linen needs do not get in the way of anything or fall to the backburner.

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