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Clean Towels and Mops

Clean Towels and Mops
Everyone know that when you are a bar or restaurant owner, having a clean place is one of the most important things you can take care of. Making sure that the floors, tables, bar and equipment are clean is all the difference between being a dump and a classy establishment. Your guests need to walk into a restaurant that smells sanitary and looks the same to get them to stay and come back next t...

3 Places in Every Business that Need Floor Mats


It’s been said time and again – no two businesses will ever have the exact same needs. This also means that different businesses will require different solutions, for example, with their floor mat...

What Types Of Restaurant Linen Services Do You Need

Restaurant Linen Services
If you're opening a new restaurant, listen up. What types of restaurant linen services does your restaurant need? You need to be serious about your linens and supplies. Not only do you need to keep the restaurant clean and looking sharp, but you need to figure out what your employees are wearing. Restaurant Linen Services is a cat...