Does Medical Linen Quality Matter

Does medical linen quality matter? After all, people come to your medical facility to improve their health and wellbeing, not for resort-like accommodations. How much priority should their comfort be given if it's not their first priority?

The answer: as much as possible. High-quality linens do not just add value for invested money on linen supplies, but they actually elevate patient care as well as employee protection. They also increase safety and protection against cross-contamination. Here's how:

Medical Linen Quality Improves Patient Comfort and Protection

Both patients and employees benefit from higher quality linens in the healthcare industry. For one, good quality linens are more durable. They are less likely to shrink or snag during handling or use. Snagging and tearing pose problems for linens, especially when they become soiled with bodily fluids (i.e. urine, blood). Even the smallest tears create opportunities for cross-contamination during the handling process – something that is risky for both patients and medical professionals.

Aside from being superior in durability, high-quality linens are actually more comfortable to use. They are smoother and softer to the touch. Not only does this promote better sleep, but it also reduces friction that causes bedsores.

Quality Products Make Up Half the Equation

Here’s a caveat: the quality of the product only makes up half the equation. As important as they are, you’ll need more than just high-quality linens to deliver the right kind of care and protection for your facility. In fact, the quality of your linens can only go so far against the constant barrage of challenges they face – stains, smells, contaminants, disease-carrying pathogens, etc. A robust set of safeguards is required, and linen care services to not only maintain the quality of your linens, but also preserve their integrity and safety.

You need a dependable medical linen specialist to achieve that. Your medical linen service partner provides protection in two ways:

1) Clean, safe linens delivered to you and your patients.

2) Dirty Linens get taken away safely and securely to prevent cross-contamination

There are so many things at stake where medical linens are concerned. That’s why you can’t trust your linen care to just anybody. It takes a special skill set, tested and proven techniques, a dedicated facility, and expertise to be able to achieve the level of cleanliness that leave your employees and your patients feeling confident and safe. It takes someone like Tipton Linen to bring you this kind of quality.

Tipton Linen: Small Business, Big Difference

Tipton Linen is an expert in providing quality linen products and care for the healthcare industry. Our small, family-owned business structure allows us to deliver magnanimous results in efficiency and effectiveness for our clients.

We provide superior products and even better, specialized medical linen care – and a commitment to making a difference to the way you deliver quality care.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our superior quality medical linens, make product inquiries, or request a price quote for our services and products. Call us at 1(800) 533-5670 to speak with a rep today!