Medical Linen ServiceDoes a high-quality medical linen service really protect employees more effectively? With the comfort and safety of patients and staff on the line, there's no such thing as being too careful. Your medical linen service provider should believe the same thing. Linen quality How much more protection does it offer, and how problematic are "economical linens?" How important is is really? When patient safety and the safety of your medical personnel are at stake, it is. 

Better Medical Linen Service Means Better Protection

What makes a linen "better" and how does that help provide superior protection for patients and employees?  Better linens always begin with higher quality, more durable materials. They are not thin and scratchy, and they don’t have loose weaves that break apart easily. Higher-quality linens, patient gowns, and other textiles offer more comfort than their lower-quality counterparts. Additionally, they are also less likely to absorb surface impurities and pathogens. High-quality gowns are especially critical in keeping your patients and employees protected. They provide a crucial barrier between surface and skin, and between two individuals (i.e. patient and caregiver/healthcare professional). Low-quality gowns offer inadequate protection.

Quality Linens are Not Enough

While having good quality linens is essential, that is never enough. There is only so much good linens can do to keep your patients and employees safe. To provide adequate and reliable protection for your facility and everyone in it, your linens, garments, and uniforms need intensive and appropriate maintenance – not just laundering. Your facility needs the security and convenience that comes with professional medical linen and laundry service. One of the biggest misconceptions people have about medical linen service is that it’s only good for securing your linen supply. This service does way more than that. Medical linen service providers protect your facility in three stages:
  • Pre-laundry handling. Pre-laundering includes the entire process of picking up your linens, including and especially securing your soiled linens. While soiled linens do not necessarily need to be tossed out, they still need special handling and packaging to prevent these contaminated items from getting into contact with anyone or anything within the facility and bag.
  • Laundry procedures. Professional medical linen service experts use modern, precise laundry technology to make sure that your products get the best treatment to rid them of even their most dangerous contaminants.
  • Post-laundry handling. Post-laundry handling is just as crucial in maintaining your linens and keeping your defenses up. In professional medical laundry facilities, there are strict protocols in handling to keep exposure of clean linens to the absolute minimum. That way, you are sure that the only ones that end up in your facility are clean, properly stored/packaged, and therefore safe and ready to use.

Quality Care Plus Quality Linens 

Getting the most optimum protection and experience depends greatly on the choice you make on your professional medical linen care. And for your facility, there’s only one provider that meets your needs and standards on product and service quality: Tipton Linen! Tipton’s expert experience and insatiable drive in delivering the best and most satisfactory service ensures that your facility, your patients, and your employees get the best protection and experience from your linens.

CDC Guidelines Compliance

The facility in charge of your patient's linens should strictly adhere to or surpass the CDC's Infection Control guidelines. Abiding by these precautions allows us to

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