Winter Linen Service Outsourcing your facility’s linen service needs in winter is one of the best things you can do for your business. Come wintertime, a commercial linen service provider becomes even more essential to your business.  Here’s why:

Winter Linen Service Means Cleaner Linens Through the Flu Season

One of the biggest problems that befall businesses and households alike in the colder season is flu and other seasonal (and contagious) illnesses. A linen service, one with a proven track record for cleanliness, helps prevent the spread of these diseases through hygienic linen handling. This is especially important in senior living facilities where the patients are more vulnerable to seasonal infections. For one, high-quality linen service providers have laundry procedures designed to eliminate pathogens trapped in their used linens. The handling of used and clean linens is extra secure with a commercial linen service provider as well. When you are already dealing with an outbreak within your facility, in-house laundering might not be the best option. With better packaging, safe storage, and even safer transportation, outsourced linen service proves to be the better alternative.

Protection Against Power Outages and Water Interruptions

The cold season can be brutal to our utilities. It only takes one snowstorm to cause several days of outage. And it does not take much to blow up the water pipes in Missouri winters either! When your facility relies on your daily supply of clean linens and uniforms, you cannot take these risks. A linen service facility, whose entire operations depend on the power and water supply, is, thankfully, prepared for this. They have backup power sources, and their water connections secured against winter bursts. Their entire operations are designed to withstand these common winter issues. You can expect your inventory to come as usual, with little to no interruptions due to these common problems.  

Stability of Supply through Higher Usage Volume

The winter season usually means a higher volume of linen usage. Whether you’re running a medical facility or a restaurant, you can expect a higher demand for your linens and uniforms – and for a variety of reasons. This might be something that your small in-house laundry facility or at-home laundry procedures cannot meet. Not to mention, your workforce might not be large enough to handle the added pressure and burden. This leaves you with problems of linen shortage. Linen shortage in the medical, hospitality, and food industries are a disaster. Aside from shortage, you may also have to deal with subpar results due to the added pressure on your limited resources. Let’s not even begin to talk about the costs! This can slow down your operations, interrupt your business, and negatively affect your customers’ and patients’ experience and satisfaction. This additional workload is nothing to a reliable commercial linen service provider. Linen service companies, like Tipton Linen, are equipped with both the manpower and the facilities to handle this and more. Tipton, for instance, deals with fluctuations in volume throughout the year. We have mitigating measures prepared to address these fluctuations.

Get Your Business Linen Needs Winter-Ready with Tipton Linen!

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