medical linen service St. Louis Medical linen service in St. Louis is the most reliable when gotten through Tipton! Our outstanding service goes beyond delivering high-quality medical linens. Here are some reasons why we're your best choice for St. Louis medical linens:

Specializing in St. Louis Medical Linen Service Since 1948

Tipton Linen has been in the business of outstandingly clean medical linens since 1948. Our professional expertise, combined with our modern laundry facilities, is one of your best assurances to a great service experience. With Tipton’s St. Louis medical linen service, you can rest assured that your items are cared for by experienced experts. Every part of the process is well-thought-out and strategic. Every stage delivers results. In every possible area, inspections take place to protect your medical linens from exposure and cross-contamination, as well as costly linen loss.  

Cost-Efficient Solutions to Your Medical Supply Needs

Tipton Linen helps you cut back on the costs of acquiring and managing your medical linen supply. With our St. Louis medical linen service, you no longer have to carry the burden of outright bulk purchases, overhead in-house laundry facility costs, and additional employees for your laundry needs. Additionally, with our efficient, on-time deliveries, and flexible rental programs, you are not only saying goodbye to sky-high linen management costs. Tipton helps you bid adieu to medical linen shortages, delays, and service interruptions due to fluctuating linen supply and demand. With us, you’ll always have access to clean medical linens for your facility without having to empty your wallet.

Compliant with All St. Louis Medical Linen Service Health and Hygiene Standards

Tipton’s St. Louis medical linen service comes with an assurance of safety and hygiene. Our services and facilities are compliant with the standards of OSHA and JCAHO. This means adequate protection for your linens and textiles against infectious germs and bacteria. It all means more than just a steady stream of medical linens for your facility. Tipton’s quality assurance means peace of mind for you, your employees, and your patients.

Hassle-Free Results Made for Your Needs

Tipton’s St. Louis medical linen service stands by our company principle and motto: “Programs designed to meet your needs.” With Tipton, there is none of the generic service and subpar results that others offer. Different facilities will always have differing needs. Thus, they require special solutions if one were to expect results that actually work. That’s what we specialize in at Tipton. You can always expect us to go the extra mile in the service we offer. That’s why our programs are flexible. That’s why our representatives are always eager for a conversation. We are never just itching to make a sale. We are eager to help your facility move forward without the burden of linen management weighing the rest of your operations down. With the Tipton assurance of efficiency, you can forget about your linen needs and worries and focus on your patients.

Experience Excellence with Tipton Linen

Your patients and your facility deserve the best St. Louis medical linen service. You deserve Tipton Linen. Book your medical linen service or learn more about our services today! Call Tipton at 1(800) 533-5670 or send us your inquiries here.