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Tipton Linen Services Blog

Restaurant Linen Service Is Key to Success

When you are in charge of a restaurant, a great restaurant linen service will get you clean linen on hand at all times, whether it’s napkins, towels, mops,

Get Mops and Towels For Your St. Louis Restaurant

St. Louis companies need mops and towels that will clean their business and keep them germ-free.  If you are a restaurant or bar, or a gas station or convenience store, or any place with a front-facing store that has customers coming in and out, you need to have it clean.  St. Louis Mops and Towels are necessary to keep your shop sparkling clean, and Tipton Linen is the company that will deliver...

A Linen Service Is a Big Decision

There are lots of issues involved when hiring a commercial linen service provider. in the end, your linens and uniforms are what’s at stake. With a lot of options available, how do you inform your organization and maintain your investments from falling into the clutches of one of these unreliable linen service companies? Luckily, there are quite a few things that you could look into to verify...